About me

Benno Hampe
born in Germany
Studies: Munich - Florence - Paris.

Individual Exhibitions
Firenze, Ravenna, Munchen, Straubing, Gelsenkirchen, Bochum, Kevelar, New York, San Francisco and Paris

Many Group Exhibitions

I cannot and I will not interprete my work. This is why it seems impossible to me to give titles to my paintings. Any title would deprive the spectator of his freedom. The more mysterious a painting is, without being hermetic, the opener it is for questions and answers. It alows a dialogue between myself and the world.
Moreover I like to tell stories without words.
Art should talk to emotion and sensivity and a painting should rouse the desire to understand it and yet, should never allow to be completely understood for it is a part of other paintings which alltogether could explain the artist's world, but can never explain it completely because the artist continues to work ...